A letter from the executive director

A letter from the executive director
Tue March 2, 2021


For years, the business community in Placer County has done a good job identifying and recruiting pro-business candidates at the local level.  Having identified and recruited the candidates, the business community, either through various Political Action Committees or direct contributions, then works to elect those candidates.  Too often, however, the support ends there as the business community goes back to minding their businesses, leaving the newly elected official to navigate the bureaucracy and stand up against a seemingly ceaseless stream of negative, anti-business voices.

The Placer Business Alliance was created by Placer businesses to address this issue.  Representing businesses that make up the full spectrum of Placer’s economy, the Placer Business Alliance will work with our locally elected officials and the professional staff to create a more full understanding of they kinds of policies that are needed to keep Placer’s economy thriving.

During my eighteen years as a member of the Placer County Board of Supervisors, my primary focus was the economic sustainability of our County.  I am extremely honored to have been selected as the first Executive Director of the Placer Business Alliance, and look forward to continuing to preserve and enhance our incredible local economy


Kirk Uhler, Executive Director