In Celebration of our Founding Board Member Aldo Pineschi

In Celebration of our Founding Board Member Aldo Pineschi
Sat June 1, 2024

We wanted to invite you to take a moment to celebrate the life, heart and smile of our founding Board Member, Aldo Pineschi. The Placer Business Alliance was his shared vision. A vision that originated from his deep commitment and connection to our business community, and to those of us who call Placer County home.  

With Aldo’s insight, expertise, wisdom and guidance, Placer Business Alliance was founded in 2020. Since launching publicly in 2021, under Aldo’s leadership as a Founding Board Member, we have grown our annual supporter base, fostered and strengthened relationships between elected leaders and leaders representing Placer County’s eight largest economic sectors and advocated for projects and programs that increase economic opportunities for our County while enhancing our neighborhoods and communities. It was Aldo’s idea to establish the Placer-specific DC Summit, an annual Summit that takes Placer-based business, community and elected leaders to our Nation’s Capital to discuss issues, learn from each other and attract Federal funding for our local needs.

In MemoryAldo Pineschi

Aldo’s diplomacy, decency and kindness defined him. It was because of who he was that he was able to bring people together from all walks of life that ordinarily might not have been aligned. He did this masterfully because he never lost sight of what was important: we all want the best for Placer County. There might be different approaches, but at the root, we all want to do business and live in a place that is ripe with economic opportunity that provides an unmatched quality of life for our families.

Our organization would not exist without him, this vision, or his spirit. We look forward to carrying on the vision, in his spirit, in all we do.  

With love and gratitude,

The Placer Business Alliance Team

Carol Garcia

Julie Hanson

Sabrina Drago

Justin Caporusso

Cherri Spriggs

Kirk Uhler

Tiffany McKenzie