Washington DC Trip 2021

Washington DC Trip 2021

Placer Takes DC!

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In an incredible show of force, over 70 Placer County business leaders, locally elected officials, government officials and non-profit executives stepped in to the COVID breach and took our message straight to Washington, "Pandemic or not, we've got a county to run!"

We engaged directly and personally with members of Congress, senior staffers to members of the House and Senate and federal agency directors who joined us at our meeting location. We heard directly from them on key issues of the Placer County Conservation Plan, forest management, water resources and higher education. We discussed what we are doing right in Placer County and what opportunities there are to take advantage of in a very dynamic political environment.

The overall take away: Placer is doing it right! We need to keep doing what we can on behalf of our business community and local governments to reinforce what we know - the best government is local government. We are willing to be held accountable for the results if given the opportunity to experiment in delivering services.

Our businesses stand in solidarity with our locally elected officials. Services delivered closest to the people are the most responsive to the people and the best caretaker of the public dollar.

Our message was delivered and received. Now, it is up to us, the Placer Business Alliance and our allies, to see that it is implemented!


Kirk Uhler 
Executive Director
Placer Business Alliance



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